dynamic stiffness

DYPS3 is a complete test system to measure the sound absorption abilities of EPS, glass and rock wool, PU foam and similar materials according to EN 29052-1
The dynamic stiffness of a material is determined to quantitatively derive its ability to absorb sound.

The dynamic stiffness indicates the suspension ability dam-laminated including in their enclosed air and is one of the parameter, which determines the sound absorption of floor superstructures in residential buildings. Loadable insulating materials for the impact sound insulation, should indicate a sufficient suspension ability, i.e. possess as small dynamic a rigidity as possible.

DYPS3 consists of:

electrodynamic shaker, piezoelectric force and accelerometer transducer, steel plate for shakermounting, USB A/D-converter for data acquisition and control of the shaker, measuring software for Windows as well as Microsoft Office, notebook or PC.


Product data DYPS3 dynamic stiffness measurement system