SWARM vibration monitor

DIN4150-3 building vibrations

SWARM is the highest quality and most efficient vibration monitor on the market, which takes measurements in accordance with up-to-date and relevant standards and guidelines. The SWARM is quick and easy to install, thanks to its easy mounting, automatic axis alignment, and the remote input of measurement settings at any time. The measurement data is automatically transmitted via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi from the SWARM to the Honeycomb platform.

Honeycomb is Omnidots' web platform and offers unprecedented possibilities. Measurement settings can be added anywhere and any time, wherever the SWARM is mounted. Measurement data can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Honeycomb, from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Honeycomb displays measurement data in graphs, which you can easily turn into reports. The measurement data can also be exported to CSV and Excel overviews at the touch of a button.

Swarm characteristics:

  • Rapid installation
  • Over-the-air product innovations
  • Measurement data available at any location, at any time
  • The most accurate measurements in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines
  • Customizable alerts and reports by e-mail and SMS
  • Automatic axis alignment
  • IP65 certified compact and solid design
  • Handy battery with long life


Brochure swarm vibration monitor