Noise Compass

you now always know precisely from which direction a noise came!

The three-dimensional Nor1297 Noise Compass significantly reduces time spent on judging if a noise source should be a part of the overall noise calculation or not, simply by defining which direction the noise is coming from. When used together with Norsonic’s sound level meters and NorCloud, the device provides a three-dimensional vector pointing at the sound source. The system may also operate off-line and collect the data on the instruments SD card for later analyse in NorReview.

Measure sound pressure as usual
Use Norsonic sound level meter or noise monitoring station to monitor the sound pressure level of a site.

Add dominant source detection
Add the Noise Compass to your setup and measure the direction of the dominant noise source, in all three dimensions.

Avoid listening - save time!
The Noise Compass allows you to mark and filter out sources outside a region of interest. The nearby railway or passing airplanes can be detected automatically, no need to listen to verify.

Calculate sound levels for the site
Sound incident from directions not inside your definition of a site can be automatically marked and excluded from the measurement. The result is Leq or Lden values based on your site definition only.

Noise Compass measurement data presented in NorCloud

Noise Compass measurement data presented in NorCloud

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